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Partnership Disputes
Kirby & Kirby LLP

Partnership Disputes

The Firm’s attorneys have extensive experience handling a wide variety of partnership disputes, which are often quite contentious.  The following are examples of partnership disputes handled by the Firm’s attorneys:

  • Michael L. Kirby and Jason M. Kirby defended the general partner and the officers of its management company in litigation filed in the San Diego Superior Court by a disgruntled limited partner regarding the management of three commercial properties.  The case was resolved through a confidential settlement agreement.     
  • Michael L. Kirby handled a dispute between an accounting firm and one of its former partners over that partner’s claimed buy-out rights. This matter entailed the defense of the accounting firm against the fraud and contract claims alleged by its former partner and advice regarding how to handle that former partner’s veiled threats to impair the firm’s reputation with respect to the quality of work performed by that firm’s remaining accountants.
  • Michael L. Kirby handled a dispute among attorneys of a prestigious law firm located in Orange County. 
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