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Trust and Estate Litigation/Probate Litigation
Kirby & Kirby LLP

Trust and Estate Litigation/Probate Litigation


The Firm’s attorneys have frequently been called upon to handle disputes arising out of the distribution of assets and/or proper interpretation of wills and trusts.  The Firm’s attorneys have handled numerous cases wherein hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake.  In this often specialized practice area, we apply our broad-based litigation experience and trial expertise to the challenging issues that often arise in what are often family disputes, to bring about the best results for our clients.

The following are examples of trust and estate litigation/probate litigation cases handled by the Firm:

  • Michael L. Kirby represented the designated beneficiary of a trust estate worth in excess of $100 million against the trust’s attempt to deny him and/or reduce the substantial sums left to him.
  • Michael L. Kirby and Jason M. Kirby represented a trustee in a highly contested inter-family probate litigation in the Orange County Superior Court wherein the trust’s control over a closely-held corporation allegedly holding more than $50 million in trust assets was at issue.  The case proceeded up to trial before being resolved by a mutually agreeable settlement.  


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